Director Neill Blomkamp Crowdfunds His Next Film

Director Neill Blomkamp Crowdfunds His Next Film

Director Neill Blomkamp wants the fans to crowdfund a sequel to Firebase

Here at The Unheard Nerd, we’ve been following the work of director Neill Blomkamp quite closely. You may not recognise the name but I’m sure you’ve heard of his films.

His first studio production was District 9, the story of refugee aliens living in South Africa. Blomkamp followed this with Elysium, starring Matt Damon, and finally Chappie.

Blomkamp has also been involved in two very famous sci-fi franchises that unfortunately never came to fruition. The first was to be a live-action adaptation of Mircosoft’s first-person Xbox shooter, Halo. The other was to be a sequel to the film Aliens that ignored the rest of that franchises timeline,i.e. Alien 3 and Alien: Ressurection.

Since then, Blomkamp has created Oats Studios, a complete production facility that produces a variety of proof of concept films in the hope that one of them may interest a major studio.

Unlike major Hollywood studios, Blomkamp also shares the assets of these films with his fans (for a small donation). He encourages fans to take the production materials and create their own versions of the concept films.

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As Blomkamp told The Verge,

“trying to set up a situation where [fans] fuel our ability to continue to make stuff, and just have this one-on-one relationship with the audience.”

Now Blomkamp wants to take this relationship a step further. One of Oats Studios short films was Firebase. The story of an American soldier in the Vietnam war and his obsession with killing a creature known as The River God.

Blomkamp wants to produce a sequel to this film with the help of the fans via crowdsourcing. A full-length script has already been written with an estimated budget of $30 million, similar to District 9. But how much gets made depends on what is received.

As the Oats Studio website states,

“If we raise $40 dollars we will film a firebase “Cat” video. If we raise $100 million we will shoot a FIREBASE feature trilogy.”

This isn’t being organised by Kickstarter or IndieGoGo either, your money is being given straight to Oats Studios with donations ranging from $10 to $1000. There are no perks either like traditional crowdfunding sites.

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Blomkamp wants all the money to go into the production and be seen on screen. Investors will have access to three making of videos (pre-production, production and post), A PDF book of the artwork generated for the film and finally, a link to watch the final completed film online which will also contain their name in the credits.

The finished film will also be available to watch online for the rest of the audience but it will be contained in some form of paywall. The idea is that fans paying to watch the Firebase sequel will help fund the next film from Oats Studios and so the cycle will continue.

At the time of writing, there are around three weeks left to make a contribution. You can find out more details over at Fuel Oats Studios.

UPDATE – April 22nd 2018 | Unfortunately. Neill has shut this idea down as despite receiving thousands of donations, he hadn’t received enough to make a decent film.

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