Disney Announce Star Wars Land For Theme Parks

Disney Announce Star Wars Land For Theme Parks

At this years D23 Expo, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced confirmation that a new themed 14 acre site will be built at Disneyland and Disney World. It’s name, Star Wars Land.

D23 is much like the San Diego Comic Con but its run by Disney to primarily showcase their upcoming films and other attractions. As Disney now own Marvel and Lucasfilm, this event has gained an even bigger audience. Much like San Diego, the event showcases exclusive trailers and images that are never shown outside the event.


With the upcoming release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens and the fact a new Star Wars film will follow once a year afterwards, Disney announced what had long been rumoured, Star Wars Land.

This fourteen acre site will be based upon not only the new films but the original trilogy as well, another nod to that seems to indicate that Disney are shying away from the lesser liked prequels. These will be 100% themed lands with nothing out of character. Strange aliens and droids and other characters will not only roam the streets but will serve you in themed shops, restaurants and other attractions.

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Only two main rides have been mentioned so far. One is the chance to pilot the legendary ship as owned by Han Solo, the Millennium Falcon. Although no one is sure how this will differ to the current Star Tours attraction which is currently situated on the opposite side of the park (Will it be moved?).

The other attraction mentioned will enable you to take part in a battle between the New Order and the Resistance, the main protagonists from The Force Awakens. No further details were offered on what kind of experience this was.


You can watch the official highlights video of the announcement below. No date for the opening of the park has been made, merely “coming soon”.



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