Don’t Fancy Building A DeLorean? How About Your Own R2-D2?

Don’t Fancy Building A DeLorean? How About Your Own R2-D2?

How do you fancy building your very own R2-D2? A new regular kit now makes that possible!

It was only a couple of weeks ago that I was writing about how the new year always seems to bring a plethora of collections or buildable kits that arrive in regular parts. The kit in question that inspired this piece allowed you to build your own Back To The Future DeLorean.

However, it seems that wasn’t the only kit released that month.

De Agostini UK Ltd have released Star Wars: Build Your Own R2-D2. This collection in 100 parts will allow you to construct your own 1:2 scale R2 astromech droid with some impressive sounding features.

The completed R2 unit will be controlled by an app on your phone, respond to voice commands, have its own sensors and camera. Your completed R2 will also feature Bluetooth, WiFi and a projector to display that famous recording from Princess Leia. (Full technical specifications at bottom of the page.)

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As you collect more issues, you’ll build the sturdy metal frame, install the preconfigured electronics and motors that will simply plug together and then cover it all in pre-painted moulded plastic parts to finally create everyone’s favourite cheeky droid.

Every part of this kit will come with a magazine giving clear instructions on how to build your R2 unit step by step. The magazine will also contain features on the robots of Star Wars, behind the scenes of the films and explanations of real robotics.

Subscribing to the kit will also offer more bonus rewards.

Part 1 is out now for £2.99 with the remaining issues retailing for £8.99. For more information and to subscribe, visit the official De Agostini Build Your Own R2-D2 site.




Build the ultimate working R2-D2 droid

1:2 scale movie accurate replica

Width 28cm x Height 48cm

Advanced & Autonomous Robot
Interactive intelligence
Multiple modes and functions
Reacts to Human presence
Responds to trigger words and simple voice commands
Authentic weathered finish
Diecast metal internal chassis
Microphone & Speaker
Video/Still Camera takes and stores snapshots & short video clips
Rotating head
Concealed light saber
Wi-Fi enabled through the dedicated R2-D2 App
Sound, Heat & Motion sensors
Hologram projection to play your recordings
Dual control (Human or AI)
Moves forward & backward, spins on his axis and avoids obstacles
Communicates via authentic chirps, whistles and coloured light displays
Extend on command
High energy rechargable battery & charge station
Low battery alert light
Controllable from a SmartPhone or Tablet (Android or IOS compatible), the R2-D2 App will be available towards the end of the collection once your R2-D2 is ready to be remotely controlled.

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Model complete in 100 issues

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