Downsizing | Tiny Matt Damon Discovers A Big Adventure

Downsizing | Tiny Matt Damon Discovers A Big Adventure

Paul and Audrey Safranek decide to improve their life by being shrunk to just five inches tall!

In Downsizing, Norwegian scientists discover a way to improve life on Earth by shrinking the world’s population to just five inches tall.

The first people to undergo this procedure are treated as celebrities and live a luxury lifestyle in a custom built town known as Leisureland, much like a working model village.

Paul (Matt Damon) and Audrey Safranek (Kristen Wiig) are struggling to make ends meet and are incredibly tempted to be “downsized” when they discover their life savings would be worth over $10 million in this new lifestyle.

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However, not all goes to plan. Paul receives heartbreaking news after he has been shrunk and once he makes his way to his new town, he discovers a side of life that no one knows about.

Title: Downsizing

Release US: 22nd December | UK: 19th January | WorldIMDb


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