Dreamcast 2 | Dream In The Making?

Dreamcast 2 | Dream In The Making?

Over the last 4 years or so there have been murmurings of a Sega Dreamcast 2 in the pipeline. While these rumours are constantly being rubbished (though not by Sega directly) it hasn’t stopped them starting up again.

Couple these rumours with the recent successfully funded Kickstarter campaign for Shenmue 3 and the Sonic the Hedgehog rumours that Will bought you earlier this month it’s easy to see why people are getting excited again.

In reality though the question people should be asking is why would Sega want to try and enter the console market again? Are they really ready for that sort of humiliation again? After all, the Dreamcast isn’t the most fondly remembered console and this is further backed up by the fact the petition to start a Dreamcast 2 was started some 2 years ago and still only has 26,228 supporters. The console didn’t really have that many titles that it’s remembered for and would Shenmue 3 and a new Sonic title be enough to give the console a chance? The answer is no, probably not.

Dreamcast 2 Concept

Now whilst Sega’s former competition Nintendo may not be the force they once were they have survived mostly on a diet of Zelda, Pokemon and Super Mario titles, all strong series for the most part and similar to how the Neo Geo is remembered for having few titles but fantastic series like King of Fighters and Metal Slug. Sega however, once they fell out of the console market, created wave after wave of poor Sonic titles for every other console (see Impossible Gaming’s video on Sonic ’06 to see what I mean) and really made a mockery of their former title character. It’d be a huge task to bring him back to the heights he once enjoyed so it would really only leave them trying to create a brand new face for the console.

So despite a number of Sega lovers like me who are entering their 30s, who look at the brand with a dreamy eyed nostalgia and often find themselves wondering “what if Sega were still here?” it’s clear that the Dreamcast 2 would not be enough for Sega to find a niche amongst the likes of Playstation and Xbox and it’s going to have to stay a dream for now.

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