Dredd: Underbelly | Comic News

Dredd: Underbelly | Comic News

Are you still hankering and hoping for a sequel to the awesome Dredd film starring Karl Urban? Well 2000AD have you covered with the release of Dredd: Underbelly.

Originally printed across three issues of Dredd Megazine (340-342), 2000AD have now released the story as a one shot comic which you can buy in print or as a DRM free digital file.

Here’s the official plot synopsis,

In the wake of Ma-Ma’s death, other criminal gangs in Mega-City One are moving into the power vacuum, trying to fill the gap in the market left by the Slo-Mo drug. When a corpse dump is discovered in a rad-pit, the bodies are all revealed to be mutants. Could the dead be connected with an outfit smuggling illegal refugees into the city from the Cursed Earth? Judge Dredd once again teams up with Psi-Judge Anderson as they scour the underworld for the perps responsible, and bring them to justice!

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The only disappointment for me is they have chosen to draw Dredd with his trademark super size chin! What’s wrong with Karl Urban’s chin?

Dredd: Underbelly is available now from 2000AD for just £1.99 [2000AD Online Shop]

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