Dredd – The Unseen Graphic Adaptation

Dredd – The Unseen Graphic Adaptation

Dredd was one of the surprise films of 2012. A fantastic adaptation of the popular British comic strip Judge Dredd from the weekly publication 2000AD. While under-performing at the cinema it has found a new legion of fans on home video. Now a new book will reveal a graphic novel adaptation never before seen!

Most big budget summer blockbuster movies have a comic book adaptation released to help promotion and enable you to discover the plot without having to visit a cinema.

Comic book adaptations are usually based on early screenplays and publicity stills and sometimes contain scenes that never made the final cut of the film. However in the case of Dredd, a comic adaptation was created for an entirely different reason, Alex Garland, Dredd’s screen writer says,

“Part of [Jock’s] huge contribution was a full-length comic book version of the script, that we distributed to everyone from financiers to crew. His paintings and sketches were one of the quickest and most effective way of conveying the look and tone of the project. When – a very long time later – the picture was locked, I could see his input had pervaded the film at all levels.”

Now, this unseen adaptation will be published along with the complete screenplay and plenty of original concept art from the film.

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Dredd The Screenplay will be available to buy the end of July with a price tag of £20 / $25 (Source Amazon UK : US)



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