These are the droids you’re looking for…in your home!

These are the droids you’re looking for…in your home!

A video from Magic Leap demonstrates their new technology with two very famous droids.

Magic Eye is a company that specialises in AR or Augmented Reality. This is done via the wearing of special eyewear that overlays an artificial digital creation onto the real world. In their own words,

“Here at Magic Leap we are creating a new world where digital and physical realities seamlessly blend together to enable amazing new experiences.”

This is much like Microsoft’s HoloLens which was unveiled at the 2015 E3 gaming expo but more powerful.

Many large companies such as Google and Warner Bros. believe in and are backing this technology. In February, Magic Leap announced they had received an investment of just under $800 million.

But what exactly are they creating with this technology? So far, Magic Leap have been very quiet on revealing what they have developed, until now. This first video was released a few months ago.



This isn’t special effects giving you an idea of the technology, this is the technology in motion. This is what you would see if you were wearing the Magic Leap glasses. As you can see, it’s certainly very impressive.

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Before at The Unheard Nerd, I have mentioned how the world famous special effects company, Industrial, Light & Magic (ILM) are experimenting with the latest immersive technologies. They have set up a division to research these technologies called the ILMxLab.

They are using VR (Virtual Reality) technology to bring the Star Wars world to life in front of your very eyes as I reported here back in March.

Lucasfilm and ILMxLab announced today that they are also working with Magic Leap to create unique Star Wars experiences and this video was unveiled at that announcement.



This is an amazing technology. Not only does it look like the droids are in the room, but they are also aware of the furniture as well as demonstrated by R2-D2 projecting a hologram onto the coffee table.

Unfortunately, the ILMxLab projects are very secretive and Magic Leap has not announced when their technology will be made available to the consumer or at what price. For now, all we can do is watch these amazing demonstrations and dream of the possibilities.

Thanks to techradar for the story.

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