Dual Core – 0x0A (The Ten Hack Commandments) | Video

Dual Core – 0x0A (The Ten Hack Commandments) | Video

Int80 and C64 aka Dual Core are back with a new track that pays tribute to Notorious B.I.G.

Taking a cue from Biggie Small’s ‘Ten Crack Commandments’, Dual Core return from a prolonged period of inactivity with a new jam – ‘0x0A – The Ten Hack Commandments’.

Vocalist, Int80, has released new music recently alongside Mikal kHill (Thought Criminals) with a collaborative release under the name ‘The Troubleshooters’. Hear their debut EP on bandcamp and expect an album release sooner than later. But new tracks alongside his U.K. based Dual Core producer have been few and far between.

‘0x0A – The Ten Hack Commandments’ is available to download for free via bandcamp.

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About Dual Core | Brought together by the power of the internet (and perhaps a touch of musical providence), california based computer programmer / rapper int eighty and english web designer / music producer c64 have been rocking the more studious side of the hip hop underground since 2007.

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