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Duke01 | Steroid Stereo

From Nottingham to Statten Island, Steroid Stereo blends hard hitting production with UK swagger.

Hailing from Nottingham in the U.K, Duke01 has teamed up with NYC producer/vocalist Uncommon Nasa for seven tracks of in-your-face progressive hip-hop. Intricate, complex beats are laced with hard-hitting cuts from accomplished U.K. turntablist, Furious P. Duke01’s lyrics are reminiscent of rap from a classic by-gone era infused with pop-culture references that combine to form something that sounds like the future. This isn’t a po-faced sneer of a release though, there’s a sense of fun and sly humour at times with catchy hooks to get stuck in your mind.

Steroid Stereo is available to pre-order now from Uncommon Records, the release drops on May 20th and includes instrumentals of all seven tracks produced mixed and mastered by Uncommon Nasa. Steroid Stereo ushers in a new era for the web-based record label.

Steroid Stereo is available as a digital download for $7.99 or with a limited edition t-shirt for $15 or more from the Uncommon Records bandcamp page.

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