Dungeons & Dragons Fans Create The Final Episode

Dungeons & Dragons Fans Create The Final Episode

A dedicated group of fans bring the missing final episode of Dungeons & Dragons to life.

Dungeons & Dragons was a children’s cartoon based on the famous role-playing game of the same name.

As shown in the beginning title sequence of each episode, a group of children takes a ride on a Dungeons & Dragons themed roller coaster at a theme park. However, a magical portal whisks them away to that very realm.

They come under attack from an evil wizard, Venger, and a three headed dragon, Tiamat. A small dwarf appears known as the Dungeon Master. He gifts each of the children a powerful tool which will help them on their journeys through this mystical land.

Hank becomes a Ranger with a magical bow that fires bolts of energy. Eric receives a magical shield that can repel almost any attack, physically and magically. Diana is an acrobat who is give a staff that can adjust to any size she requires. Albert becomes a wizard and earns the nickname of Presto throughout the series. He receives a magic hat, but he can’t always produce what he needs from it.

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Sheila is given a magical cloak that will allow her to become invisible and her brother Bobby becomes a barbarian with a powerful club that can cause earthquakes when it is bashed onto the ground.

Each episode would see the children try and find a way back to their own world. The children would become involved in adventures with people of the realm, usually helping them out in some way and fore fitting a chance to get back home themselves. Although, they kind of did in this live action car commercial in 2019.

Running for three seasons consisting of 27 episodes, the show was cancelled before a final 28th could be produced.

The 28th episode entitled Requiem was uploaded by screenwriter Michael Reaves onto his website. In 2016, the US DVD release of Dungeons and Dragons included a radio play of that script so fans could now hear what the final episode may have been like.

Now some dedicated fans have gone one step further. Using the audio from the radio play and repurposing scenes from the original show along with some original animation, they have created the final episode. Even original cast member Katie Leigh graciously came back to reprise her role of Shelia.

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Do the children finally get back home?

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