EA Play Live Event Reveals Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay

EA Play Live Event Reveals Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay

Our first look at gameplay footage of Star Wars: Squadrons is revealed via EA Play.

With the pandemic causing multiple public events to be cancelled including this year’s E3, many software companies have been running their own reveals via streaming.

Electronic Arts just had their own reveals of their latest upcoming games via an event they were calling EA Play Live 2020. During this event was a new five-minute reveal of game-play footage of the recently announced Star Wars: Squadrons.

Set after the events of Return of the Jedi, this latest space combat game focuses primarily on 5v5 multiplayer combat but there is also a single player story campaign as well. Also, you’re not just playing as the Rebel Alliance, the choice will be there to fly for the Imperial Navy as well.

The more battles you win, the more that custom equipment will unlock allowing you to personalise your starship and choose the right armaments for the mission at hand.

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One of the biggest selling points for me personally, and my youngest son, is that the entire game can be played via VR as well. Having been hugely impressed with the single Star Wars: Rogue One inspired mission that featured in Star Wars: Battlefront, we are very much looking forward to this.

Star Wars: Squadrons will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC with cross play support on October 2nd.


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