Eleven Eleven – An Interactive Story Of A Planet’s Demise

Eleven Eleven – An Interactive Story Of A Planet’s Demise

Eleven Eleven is a new immersive VR experience that has been produced by the Syfy channel and Sky VR.

I had the chance to experience Eleven Eleven at this year’s MCM Comic Con. First and foremost, this isn’t a game but more like interactive fiction.

The story follows several characters on the planet of Kairos Linea. From what I remember of the prologue, a civil war has lead to a huge corporation deciding to wipe out the population of the planet with a nuclear blast.

The corporation has several ships waiting in orbit enabling the corporate leaders to escape and this is where the Eleven Eleven experience begins.

The name refers to how much time the plant inhabitants have as you enter the story, eleven minutes and eleven seconds before the nuclear blast.

As it begins, you see a futuristic city from far above. Labels show you where several characters are currently situated and you have the option of selecting anyone one of them.

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You can follow the story in a predetermined cinematic way or have the option to simply explore the city as you like. In this mode, you can look around and discover other minor characters and see what they were doing before interacting with the main story.

There is also a Goddess mode which allows you to zoom out and watch the story unfold as if everything is being played out in miniature before you.

As the player in control, you’re not restricted to the 11-minute time frame like the in-story characters. There are controls that enable you to fast forward and rewind time so you can replay different events from different perspectives.

As this was a demonstration, I mainly followed the story of a mother and son who were trying to reach the spaceport in order to stow away on a flight to one of the orbiting lifeboats.

I used all the options to watch them make their way through the city and I periodically moved to other characters to discover what they were doing at the same time.

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The full experience apparently has ninety minutes of story to discover and it would obviously take several playthroughs to fully experience every story element within the experience.

Eleven Eleven is available now for the major headsets including HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR. A scaled down version with reduced content is also available for mobile phones.


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