Epic Beard Men | You Can’t Win | Extended Video

Epic Beard Men | You Can’t Win | Extended Video

Epic Beard Men are touring in the U.K. this summer during which time they’ll be working on demos. Before that there’s an extended video for ‘You Can’t Win’.

B. Dolan and Sage Francis are ‘Epic Beard Men’, the defiant duo famous for their epic beards… wait. What happened to Sage Francis’ epic beard!? Dolan and Francis have a summer tour planned that will take in twenty performances at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe festival as well as six shows around England. Most of the shows are spoken word with the exception of the London date on the 2nd of September which is a music gig, but already sold out.

Whilst on the road the pair will be starting to put together demos for a forthcoming and highly anticipated Epic Beard Men project. Whilst fans wait for that you can get your EBM fix with this new extended video for the track ‘You Can’t Win’ which finds Dolan and Francis in slapstick mood on the hunt for a missing cassette.

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For a full list of U.K. tour dates throughout August and September check strangefamous.com. Download ‘You Can’t Win’ from Soundcloud or enjoy the B-Boy Remix from B.Dolan’s album House of Bees. Vol 3.

About Sage Francis | Sage Francis is widely considered to be one of our generation’s greatest lyricists. His career derives mainly from gifted wordplay which creates vivid narratives to instigate as well as inspire, but since it often derives from an accumulation of public disdain and personal turmoil, it’s more about storming the castle than about watching the throne.

About B. Dolan | B. Dolan is an explosive, confrontational hip-hop lyricist and performer from Providence, RI who first came on the scene in 2008. Starting with a lo-fi, apocalyptic concept record titled “The Failure,” Dolan floored listeners with tracks that were at turns personal, poetic, sweeping and strange. Years ahead of it’s time stylistically, it was released by Sage Francis’ Strange Famous imprint, where fans began slowly gravitating to the album and to Dolan’s intense live performances.

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