Epic Beard Men – D.I.Y.M.F.S. | Video

Epic Beard Men – D.I.Y.M.F.S. | Video

Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis and B. Dolan) drop a second video from their debut EP ‘Season 1’. Preach the DIY ethic.

Do It Yo’ Mother Fucking Self! is the message from Sage Francis and B. Dolan – collaboratively known as Epic Beard Men. The second video from their huge debut EP ‘Season 1‘ embodies the sentiment with a low-budget shopping channel theme.

Rap’s real-life BFFs are heading to the UK this month for the final leg of an extensive tour in support of ‘Season 1’. Catch Epic Beard Men in Edinburgh on August 22nd for the first of eleven UK shows with the tour wrapping in London on September 1st. 

Find tickets, news and more at epicbeardmen.com

Lead Image: Prentice Danner Photography

About Epic Beard Men | After a decade of sharing stages and crafting collaborations in the studio, real-life rap BFFs SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN have finally caved to years of fan pressure to form an official group: EPIC BEARD MEN. The super-duo embraced the absurd name as a reminder to themselves that, while they tackle a lot of difficult subject matter in their solo work, this group’s mission boils down to one thing: “This is supposed to be fun, for fuck’s sake.”


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