Epic Beard Men – Dumb Ass Kids | Video

Epic Beard Men – Dumb Ass Kids | Video

Star Trek shirts and Laser Tag. Epic Beard Men drop the first video for the track ‘Bad Ass Kids’ from their ‘Season 1’ EP.

Rap BFFs Sage Francis and B. Dolan, aka Epic Beard Men, get tooled up in the video for the track ‘Bad Ass Kids’ – which finds the pair kitted out in Starfleet shirts and pitting their wits against an unusual team of opponents in an impromptu Laser Tag tournament.

The video is the first to be taken from their EP, ‘Season 1‘, which dropped in March. The collaborative release is the result of a prolonged fan campaign for an official Epic Beard Men record.

Francis and Dolan have been frequent collaborators for ten or more years but finally bowed to their fan’s wishes by announcing that 2018 is the year of EBM. ‘Season 1’ forms the first official release from the pair as Epic Beard Men and marked the start of an extensive U.S. tour.

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For information, tour dates and more visit epicbeardmen.com

About Epic Beard Men | After a decade of sharing stages and crafting collaborations in the studio, real-life rap BFFs SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN have finally caved to years of fan pressure to form an official group: EPIC BEARD MEN. The super-duo embraced the absurd name as a reminder to themselves that, while they tackle a lot of difficult subject matter in their solo work, this group’s mission boils down to one thing: “This is supposed to be fun, for fuck’s sake.”

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