Er… We Need To Talk About Avril…

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Er… We Need To Talk About Avril…

Avril Lavigne Pays Tribute To Hello Kitty.

Honestly, I didn’t ever expect to be writing about Avril Lavigne for The Unheard Nerd but she only went and dropped a Hello Kitty track! What?

Many moons and one unnerving marriage to Nickelback frontman Chad Kroeger ago, Avril Lavigne began her career stating that she would never feel the need to dress provocatively to further her career. Well, her career went somewhat stale for a while, so here she is, back in the limelight, dressed, some may say, a touch provocatively in a video for her latest track Hello Kitty.

That all seems a little snarky, but please, understand – I don’t actually hate on Avril Lavigne. She makes sugar coated pop music under the guise of indie rebellion but there’s a place for that in this world. Now I’m going to throw any cred I ever had to the wind and say, this isn’t a terrible track. To listen to. Maybe once or twice. People will love it. And do you know what? She actually appears to be a straight up, legit fan of Hello Kitty. Good on her.

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