Every Where Is Some Where – K.Flay

Every Where Is Some Where – K.Flay

American rapper/singer/songwriter/producer, K. Flay, returns with first full album in 3 years.

K.Flay’s 2014 album “Life as a Dog” was a fantastic record and showed a new maturity of sound from the days of “Single and Famous” with MC Lars, and the new album “Every Where Is Some Where” is showing further exciting signs of development.


The album itself isn’t out until April 7th but can be pre-ordered now giving you immediate access to 6 of the 12 tracks.

Of those tracks, the stand out one for me has to be “Black Wave”, which sounds like K.Flay summoned her inner Trent Reznor and created a dirty and fast paced industrial track all of her own, filled with chilled, slower breaks to complement the energy she’s creating throughout.

I’ve had it on loop for a while now and I really hope there’s more of this style to come.

“High Enough” is very much a continuation of what we’ve come to know and love, sounding like it would equally be at home on the “Life as a Dog” tracklist and that’s no bad thing – it creates a feeling of familiarity which perhaps will serve to give any newer direction stuff (a la Black Wave) a bigger impact on first listen.

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Whether the rest of the album falls more on the familiar or the more boundary pushing side remains to be seen but with the album dropping in less than a month, you don’t have long to wait and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the album brings.

You can pre-order the album on iTunes, Amazon and Apple Music and also pre-save it on Spotify.


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