How Excited Should We Be About A Deadpool Movie?

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How Excited Should We Be About A Deadpool Movie?

We should be hyped following the announcement of a Deadpool movie in 2016, but here’s the thing…

On the surface the news announced yesterday that a Deadpool movie is confirmed for early 2016 is enough to have fans of the hugely popular character jumping for joy. It was also confirmed that the test footage we’ve already seen is not only actual motion capture with Ryan Reynolds under the costume, but also forms the opening scenes of the film.

But wait… Here are a few points to consider.

The Team Behind It

Rob Liefeld | The Writer/Creator

Something of a magnet for criticism in the comics world, the artist/writer has been the focus of constant negativity for a prolonged period of time. Famously, his reputation for extremely ill proportioned anatomy and regularly missed deadlines often puts him in the firing line. Cited as a writer/creator for the movie and with no proven track record in the filmmaking business bringing this into the equation may be unfair, yet it proves a concern none-the-less.

Tim Miller | The Director

Making his full-length directorial debut Tim Miller’s strong suit may draw from his visual effects background having worked on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. However, trusting a rookie with a film so highly anticipated by fans whose scrutiny will be intense could prove a big task to succeed with.

The Green Lantern

Ryan Reynold’s Track Record

The 2011 adaptation of DC Comics The Green Lantern saw Ryan Reynold in the lead role playing Hal Jordan, a human chosen to join the Green Lantern Corps. Almost universally hated, comic book movie fans have tried to wipe this stinker from their collective memories. With the odd exception (Mark Strong played a great Sinestro in my opinion) many fans cited poor casting and derided the decision to cast Reynolds in the lead. On top of that the script left a lot to be desired. Personally, I’m not a Ryan Reynolds hater but this movie was not good.

Twentieth Century Fox

Ryan Reynolds DeadpoolWhat If They Mess Deadpool Up Again?

Let’s not get confused. This will not be a Marvel Studios movie. Whilst Marvel are on a rich vein of form with the franchises they have retained, Twentieth Century Fox have the rights to the X-Men franchise and it’s spin-off characters as well as the Fantastic Four license. And let’s be honest, a lot of those films have been pretty hit and miss including the often criticised X-Men Origins: Wolverine in which Ryan Reynolds first portrayed Wade Wilson aka Deadpool.

Though focussed on Wolverine the film also showcased the origin stories of Sabretooth and Deadpool, something – certainly in the case of Deadpool – they fucked up royally. Deadpool was given crazy superpowers never possessed in the comics, effectively turning the character into a humourless lump of meat akin to something you might find in a horror film. Again Reynolds, perhaps unfairly, drew criticism despite, again in my opinion, putting in a pretty strong performance in the lead up to the final showdown.

The Test Footage

The Signs Are Positive

Despite the list of concerns, the test footage originally leaked back in July is amazing, captures the dark humour of Deadpool famously exhibited in the comics and gives fans something painfully absent from the Wolverine Origins movie – Deadpool’s trademark red and black costume.

So whilst I’d love to be jumping for joy at the news of a Deadpool movie reaching cinemas, realistically there’s a lot that can go wrong between now and February 12th 2016.



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