Explore The Starship Enterprise with Pixel Trek

Explore The Starship Enterprise with Pixel Trek

Have you always wondered what was behind that door opposite Captain Picard’s ready room on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise? If your not a die hard Trek fan who already knows the answer then why not find out yourself with PixelTrek.

By visiting the website pixeltrek.com you can become Commander Data and explore the starship Enterprise to your hearts content. There’s no gaming element, no mission or goals. This is one man’s (or team I’m not sure) attempt to recreate the Enterprise using brilliant pixel art. As the web site states:

Pixel Art + Star Trek™ = Pixel Trek

Get a never seen impression of the fabulous U.S.S. Enterprise-D™. But not in that way how you know the ship from the tv show.

In a pixelated and isometric universe you can move freely through the ship and explore areas and angles that were not shown on the tv show. For example the restroom next to the bridge, the many corridors and the countless labs and quarters on the U.S.S. Enterprise-D™.

Please bear in mind this is a work in progress (v0.3 at time of writing), there’s only a few floors to explore at the moment.

Click on the picture below to visit Pixel Trek.




PixelTrek features no sound, so for that truly authentic experience, why not play this YouTube video in the background!




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