Fahrenheit 451 | Second Tease for HBO’s Film Adaptation

Fahrenheit 451 | Second Tease for HBO’s Film Adaptation

In a dystopian future, all books are burned. An underground resistance strives to protect the past.

Based on the classic 1953 book by Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451 is the story of a dystopian future where all books are burned, enabling the powers that be to rule over the population who have no knowledge of the past.

A team of firemen burn all the books they discover including one of their members, a young man by the name of Guy Montag (Michael B. Jordan).

Montag starts to question if this process is morally right and starts to secretly steal books without his peers noticing. This, in turn, will lead him to meet with a resistance group intent on keeping the books safe.

This is the second time the story has been adapted into a film with the original released in 1966. This film also stars Michael Shannon as Captain Beatty with Sofia Boutella as Clarisse.

This HBO production will air exclusively on their channel sometime in May.


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