This Fan Made Firefly Cartoon Needs To Exist!

This Fan Made Firefly Cartoon Needs To Exist!

There are few Sci-Fi tv shows and movies that have attracted a following as fanatical as those that love Firefly and Serenity.

More than a decade after ‘Serenity’, the film that concluded the short-lived television series ‘Firefly’, fans are still holding out for a revival.

Joss Whedon’s sci-fi saga mixed the wild west with the expanse of space and captured the imagination of a large and faithful cult following. The show exhibited the potential to be so much more than the one season phenomenon it ended up as.

Enter Stephen Byrne. The talented illustrator hailing from Seattle – who has worked on major comic titles like ‘Green Arrow’ for DC and recently ‘Civil War II’ for Marvel – has made a teaser for what could be the answer to Firefly fan’s prayers.

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Byrne’s unique artistic style captures the look and feel of each of the main characters from Firefly perfectly and shows that a continuation of the beloved series in cartoon form could be the perfect way to appease existing fans whilst opening the show up to a whole new audience.

The teaser offers just the merest of glimpses at what the project could evolve into, yet still encapsulates the elements that made the show such a fan favourite with aplomb. Here’s hoping that someone sees the potential in this and makes it happen.

Will Harrison

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