Our First Look At NBC’s Constantine

Our First Look At NBC’s Constantine

NBC have recently announced their list of new shows for the 2014/15 television season and Constantine made the grade. To whet out appetites NBC have already released the first trailer.

The American television networks have noticed the dramatic rise of comic book properties at the cinema and are trying to emulate that success for themselves. Sometimes they succeed (The Arrow) and sometimes it fails terribly (The Cape).

NBC acquired the rights to adapt the comic series Hellblazer, focusing on the main character John Constantine, a chain-smoking con man who also protects the world from evil albeit rather begrudgingly.

We showed you the first official look of John Constantine as played by Matt Ryan back in March here at the Unheard Nerd and now NBC have released the first trailer to promote the show just days after the announcement that it has been picked up for a full series.

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I know the comic fans were not pleased with the Keanu Reeves movie adaptation from 2005 because it strayed too far from the original material (He’s American?! He’s not even blonde!), but I really enjoyed it (I’ve never read the comics though!).

Take a look at this new take on the property and decide for yourself, I’m definitely counting myself in!

Constantine will air this Fall on NBC.




NBC have also premiered the first clip which extends a scene seen in the above trailer.




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