First Trailer For Season 2 of The Mandalorian. This Is The Way.

First Trailer For Season 2 of The Mandalorian. This Is The Way.

The Mandalorian and the child continue their travels in the Star Wars universe during the wake of the Empire’s collapse

The Mandalorian returns with his newly acquired companion, The Child (or as he was called by casual viewers, baby Yoda).

Whilst, this first trailer gives away none of the story, thankfully, we do know that the Mandalorian is trying to get the child back to his people.

What the trailer does have is plenty of action, including fights with X-Wings (or the Incom Corparations’s T-65B X-wing space superiority fighter if you want to be super Star Wars nerdy!), speeder bike chases and as Chris Baker pointed out on Twitter, possible even a reference to the awful PlayStation 3D fighting game, Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi!

Season 2 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian will start streaming on October 30th on Disney+. I fully expect it to stream one episode per week, just don’t tell The Boys fans! 😉

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