Football & Video Game Sponsorship | Part 6 | Capcom & Konami

Football & Video Game Sponsorship | Part 6 | Capcom & Konami

Video games companies have been tapping into the extensive football fan base around the world for many years. Here’s a trip down memory lane and a look at some of the shirt sponsorship deals of past seasons.

Just like JEF United (SEGA), Kyoto Sanga F.C. (Nintendo) and Sony Sendai FC (Sony), two other teams based in Japan have, in the past, been sponsored by video game companies. Capcom and Konami have each backed teams local to their headquarters.

1994 – 1996 | Capcom

Based in Osaka, Cerezo Osaka play their football in J. League Division 2 but from the mid-nineties to the turn of the century the club were established in the top division, generally finishing mid-table but flirting with a top four finish on occasion. During the beginning of this period the team received sponsorship from local video game publisher/developer, Capcom. Initially the company name appeared on the chest and back of the team’s shirts though later the chest logo would be replaced.

Capcom Shirt Sponsor

Capcom sponsored Cerezo Osaka for two years

1999-2001 | Konami

Also currently languishing in J. League Division 2, Tokyo Verdy have been one of Japan’s most successful clubs. Having spent time based in Kawasaki the team were struggling for support and success. To remedy this the club returned to Tokyo in 1999 where the club had been formed thirty years prior. Coinciding with their return Tokyo based video game developers Konami began a three year sponsorship of the club.

Tokyo Verdy Konami

Tokyo Verdy were sponsored by Tokyo based Konami

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