Forget The Xbox, Here’s The Ataribox

Forget The Xbox, Here’s The Ataribox

It’s not just Microsoft with a shiny new console, it looks like Atari might be ready to rise again.

The headlines coming out of this year’s E3 might justifiably be focussing on the release of the Xbox One X and the latest games titles heading onto current the current generation of machines, but there might just be something for the retro gamers too.

Dubiously titled the ‘Ataribox’, it looks like Atari, the grandaddy of gaming, might be gearing up for the launch of a new piece of hardware.

We’ve only this teaser video to go by, but it seems that whatever the ‘Ataribox’ is, the designers are taking their cues from the classic wood panelled Atari 2600.

The smart money is on Atari jumping aboard the nostalgia bandwagon with an official miniature unit similar to Nintendo’s Classic NES. Whilst cheap looking, plastic versions of the 2600 are available with preloaded games, they are just that. Cheap.

A quality build, carefully curated classic games and some of that Atari magic could prove very popular with fans of retro gaming.

Blade Runner 2049

The new console must, surely, also tie-in with the release of ‘Blade Runner 2049’ which prominently featured the company’s logo in the first trailer for the film. Ridley Scott’s ‘Blade Runner’ sequel is due in cinemas in early October.

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