#FreeComicBookDay2017 | Get The Most Out Of Free Comic Book Day

#FreeComicBookDay2017 | Get The Most Out Of Free Comic Book Day

It’s Free Comic Book Day, that wonderful day of the year where comic shops give out free reads! Happy, happy, joy, joy! Just don’t miss the point.

In it’s sixteenth year, Free Comic Book Day 2017 is a day of celebration for comic book fans and retailers alike and provides the perfect opportunity for existing readers to discover something new and for new readers to discover the expansive world of comic books.

Here’s a rough guide of how to get the most out of the day and how to support your local comic book shop.

Find A Location

First things first, not every retailer supports Free Comic Book Day. To avoid disappointment head over to freecomicbookday.com and use the store locator (if outside the U.S. there is an international locator also). It’s worth noting that in London, at least, some Libraries will also hold a limited supply of free comics in conjunction with stores like forbidden planet.

Who’s It For?

Free comic book day is for everyone and you’ll find titles that cover almost every genre, style and age-group. The day provides the perfect catalyst for encouraging kids to read and forms the perfect introduction to the wonderful world of comic books.

New comic book readers will find something to inspire as well. A growing number of people are interested in comics but feel nervous about how to get started or feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of books on offer. This is your day. You’ll find that most stores are welcoming and friendly and staffed with the people knowledgeable enough to help you find a title or book that’s perfect for you.

Even grizzled, veteran comic book fans will find something worth reading on free comic day. Often publishers provide a one-shot or #0 issue that ties into a current ongoing series. The perfect accompaniment to a collection.

What’s On Offer?

The most important thing to know is that not every comic in the store is free. For 2017 there are around fifty specific titles available free of charge from a variety of publishers covering a wide range of titles – something for everyone.

Some stores display the free books allowing for a first come, first served free for all. Other stores hand out samplers or include a free book with each purchase. Check with your local store to find out what their policy is.

Depending on each store, there are around fifty titles available for free for consumers this year including titles from large publishers like Marvel, DC Comics and Dark Horse alongside indie titles too.

For a full list including previews visit freecomicbook.com

What Else?

Shops will be busier than usual and free comics could be snapped up fast, so to avoid disappointment get out and about early, pick up the comics you want and then enjoy the rest of the day. Many stores go all-in for free comic book day encouraging fans to dress as their favourite characters with prizes on offer.

Be Respectful and Buy Something!!!

But this is FREE comic book day?! I hear you, but retailers actually have to buy the comics they give away for free.

The whole point of the day is to increase footfall to comic stores and encourage visitors to become repeat customers that maintain the industry in the long-term. If each visitor buys just one single issue each stores owners will receive a much needed boost and more than cover the cost of the free comics they give away.

Support your local comic book store. It’s what Luke Skywalker would want.


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