FRND CRCL drop pop-punk album ‘Internet Noise’

FRND CRCL drop pop-punk album ‘Internet Noise’

New Jersey pop-punk outfit, FRND CRCL (it’s pronounced Friend Circle) have just dropped their second album, ‘Internet Noise’.

Embracing the sound of early 2000s pop-punk, FRND CRCL are attempting to bust out of the New Jersey music scene with their new album, ‘Internet Noise’.

Think early Blink 182 with a dash of All American Rejects and you have an idea of the sound they’re representing. High energy riffs, big drums, sugary vocals and an abundance of pop sensibility.

Much of the album is presented with a sense of aloof fun which only really breaks at the midway point of the nine-track release when ‘For When Bombs Fall’ forms an extended introduction to the more anthemic ‘End of the World’.

The band have released two singles from the album so far, the mid-paced ‘Famous‘, and most recently ‘Loose Cannon’.

In total, ‘Internet Noise’ runs for just under half an hour with most of the songs timing in at around three and half minutes or less. It’s a fun blast of an album, definitely worthy of a listen, but probably doesn’t hold much longevity.

The band’s maturity is most prevalent when they slow down for ‘End of the World’. The rest of the album is pretty disposable. By this I don’t mean that it’s bad. Quite the contrary. FRND CRCL do a great job of paying tribute to the height of pop-punk popularity without adding anything new. I can’t imagine I’ll come back for too many repeat listens.

‘Internet Noise’ is available to stream through all major outlets.


3 out 5

‘Internet Noise’. More of a tribute to pop-punk than adding anything new. – 3/5


About FRND CRCL | FRND CRCL does its best not to forget about the pop in pop punk. Echoing the sounds from the early 2000s hay day of pop-punk, while constantly challenging and modernizing their sound, the group of underdogs aims to make a name for themselves out of the small South Jersey music scene.

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