Full Size Working Lego Car!

Full Size Working Lego Car!

Do you like Lego? Do you like cars? How about a full size Lego car! The only drawback is that it can only reach 20km/h, but on the flip side it runs on air!

The car project was the brain child of an Australian entrepreneur by the name of Steve Sammartino along with a Romanian technologist, Raul Oaida. Interestingly Steve told the BBC that he was “neither a car enthusiast nor a Lego enthusiast”. He went on, “What I am is a technology enthusiast and I wanted to show what is possible when you crowd-fund an idea and use young talented people. “I met this crazy Romanian teenager on the web and we came up with the idea but I knew that I couldn’t afford to fund it,” he added.

A late night tweet was posted which read, “Anyone interested in investing $500 – $1,000 in a project which is awesome and a world first tweet me. Need about 20 participants.” They received the backing of forty Australians and the project moved ahead.

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The project started life in Romania but was then shipped to Australia where due to the long haulage, it had to be rebuilt. The car has four engines with 256 pistons, all of it Lego apart from the wheels. There are over half a million bricks in total. So far the car has only reached 20km/h because they are afraid to push the car further and cause a Lego explosion.

Check out the car in action in the video below.

You can the project homepage – http://www.superawesomemicroproject.com

Thanks to the BBC for the story.

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