Future of in car Entertainment according to Matthaeus Krenn

Future of in car Entertainment according to Matthaeus Krenn

Well this is my first post here in theunheardnerd.com. I’ve been thinking long and hard about what it could be. It’s a line in the sand, a flag in a mound or a tag on a wall. I think I may have found a contender… something that tells you a little about me, my interests and my passions. An article about the future of vehicle entertainment systems, according to Matthaeus Krenn. Gesture controlled entertainment systems… want to see more? Read on!

Several vehicle manufacturers have started to replace traditional controls in their vehicles with interactive touch screens. Unfortunately, their eagerness to set new trends in hardware, is not matched by their ambition to create innovative software experiences for these new input mechanisms. Instead of embracing new constraints and opportunities, they merely replicate old button layouts and shapes on these new, flat, glowing surfaces.

It’s not all Tron or Minority Report, Matthaeus has some pretty cool ideas. Gesture based response based on how many fingers you’re holding down on your touch screen. It’s probably a good idea, especially when you’re trying to find your hover board or driving away from replicants.

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Want to try it out yourself from your iPhone or iPad? Check it out here.

More Info: A New Car UI


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