Gajah & Chrono Triggers | Defective | Video

Gajah & Chrono Triggers | Defective | Video

LA Based emcee Gajah teams up with French producer Chrono Triggers for the conceptual 8 track EP Imperfect Angels.

One half of hip-hop duo Acid Reign, L.A. based emcee Gajah has a proven track record on the alternative rap scene with a history of pushing boundaries and creating diverse, progressive music. His most recent project finds the talented vocalist teaming up with French producer Chrono Triggers.

Chrono Triggers also started out as a duo. Now helmed single handedly by Gaëtan Vigier, the producer creates music that blends hip-hop, electro and chiptunes.

This tapestry of musical influences is evident on the pair’s forthcoming new EP titled Imperfect Angels, an eight track conceptual release that combines distinct synthetic electro sounds with natural beats enhanced by Gajah‘s versatile vocal style.

Whilst labeling the release as an EP perhaps implies a short listening experience Imperfect Angels – in reality – bridges the space between an Extended Player and an LP. Each of the eight tracks are polished , complete songs that form an accomplished body of work that ebbs and flows in all the right places.

Imperfect Angels drops on the 31st of May via Acid Lab Records and is available to pre-order now via their bandcamp page. Whilst you’re waiting for the release, check out the fantastic video for the first single from the release titled Defective.

About Gajah| Gajah fostered his styling prowess among the world’s most creative and forward-thinking emcees at Project Blowed, the legendary South Central L.A. open-mic workshop that gave birth to artists like Abstract Rude and Busdriver and helped to redefine the sound of West coast hip hop.
About Chrono Triggers | Started as duo, Chrono Triggers is now solo project run by electronic music producer based in Paris, France. His music is a mix of Hip Hop, Electro and Chiptune.

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