Gamers Discover Drugs Stashed In Old NES Cartridges

Gamers Discover Drugs Stashed In Old NES Cartridges

Retro gaming enthusiasts discovered more than they bargained for when two NES cartridges bought from a flea market turned out to be stuffed with drugs.

Georgia, USA | Brothers, James and Julian Turner, inadvertently found themselves in possession of narcotics following a day out picking up retro game bargains at a local flea market.

Amongst their haul the pair had a couple of NES games, an innocuous looking version of Nintendo’s Golf and what on the surface appeared to be a PAL version of RollerGames.

Astute enough to realise the games were a lot heavier than they should be, the brothers compared the weight of their recent purchases with versions of both games they already owned. Sure enough, each held about 50% more weight than they should.

Curiosity piqued, the pair set about opening the carts and found that each contained two individual silver packages. Further inspection of their contents seemed to confirm their suspicions that what they were holding was packets of illicit drugs.

With their discovery taking place on April 1st, the brothers feared that people would dismiss their discovery as an April Fools hoax. Fortunately Julian filmed events in realtime for his YouTube channel and has subsequently put together a timeline showing what happened next.

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Realising what they had the brothers did the right thing and contacted Newnan Police Department who promptly visited Julian’s home and confiscated the packages.

Whilst the Police department did confirm that the packages did contain drugs they have not confirmed what kind, though Julian explains that he has been contacted by people in the know who suggest the crystal/powder shown in the video is heroin and would hold a substantial ‘five figure’ street value.

Police officers visited the market vendor as part of their investigation but it seems likely that the drugs were misplaced and have been hidden for many years.

The only way this story could be any better is if the cartridges were for the game Narc.

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