Geek & Sundry Joins Nerdist As Legendary Acquire The Digital Channel

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Geek & Sundry Joins Nerdist As Legendary Acquire The Digital Channel

Felicia Day follows in the footsteps of Chris Hardwick as Legendary Entertainment acquire Geek & Sundry.

Back in July 2012 Legendary Entertainment acquired Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist Enterprises thus employing Hardwick into their digital arm and allowing Nerdist more freedom to create and expand their digital content. Two years down the line and it’s the turn of Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry to jump into bed with the company behind the Dark Night Trilogy and Pacific Rim to name but a few.

Hardwick was charged with helping to build Legendary’s digital arm so it’s no surprise that Geek & Sundry have joined the team given that the two content creators have been like online siblings since they began putting out video content in 2012.

Geek & Sundry was formed by the producers of the immensely popular web series The Guild which was written by and stars Felicia Day. The site provides and online community with a host of hand picked vloggers producing entertaining video content for like-minded people. Shows include TableTop with Wil Wheaton amongst others.

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Felicia Day announced the news as Geek & Sundry reached the 1 million subscriber mark on YouTube.


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