Geek & Sundry Launches A New Look And Mission Statement

Geek & Sundry Launches A New Look And Mission Statement

A fresh new logo and look for Felicia Day’s gaming and pop culture outlet – Geek & Sundry.

Back in August 2014 Geek & Sundry joined Nerdist Enterprises as the online content outlet was acquired by Legendary Entertainment, a company better known for movies like Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Trilogy and Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim. The site dedicated to all forms of gaming and indie geek culture has followed in the footsteps of its big brother ‘Nerdist’ since.

Nerdist enjoyed a reboot in May 2014, now their sibling site enjoys the same treatment. It does feel somewhat like a hand-me-down though, as Geek & Sundry inherits the same website template as – allbeit with a different colour scheme and a new logo which hasn’t met with unanimous approval. Indeed, I was quite fond of the previous logo and would choose it over the new dice and joypad design.

Geek & Sundry Logo

It’s not uncommon for sites within the same network to share a website template, Kotaku, Gizmodo, LifeHacker and more all share a similar aesthetic. Personally, I feel it would have been nice for the two to refresh their look together rather than Geek & Sundry inheriting a two year old look.

Whilst the site redesign may not be groundbreaking, Geek & Sundry does have a clear focus on what the future holds in terms of content.

Geek & Sundry founder Felicia Day’s statement is relayed on the site:

“I’m so excited to see Geek and Sundry evolving into a broader, more comprehensive brand, while still retaining our core indie geek spirit. We represent so many niche interests in the gaming and geek world, and I’m thrilled to level up with a new redesign that reflects that.” — Felicia Day

Whilst also in the welcome post written by Rob Manuel the mission statement is clear and focussed.

“Today, we move forward yet again with a new look and exciting events before us. When picking out the new logo, we wanted something that would represent not just who we are, but where we’re going in the future. Look at the logo and you’ll know instantly what we’re thinking about–games.

Board games, video games, role-playing games, card games, indie games, mobile games, and more. From the AAA titles to ones that you only play with pen and paper; Geek & Sundry looks to bring you the best and shine a spotlight on the stories that need to be told. We are also interested in everything that comes along with games – great stories, interaction with friends, and an inclusive community where everyone can have fun together.”

Great news for fans of gaming – however it’s done.

About Geek & Sundry – Felicia Day’s Geek & Sundry is the epicenter of gaming and lifestyle for pop culture fans with an independent spirit, bringing together people from all over the world who love things in counter-culture. Home to the highly acclaimed TableTop with Wil Wheaton, the all-star voice actors that bring Dungeons & Dragons to life in Critical Role, and the award-winning scripted series LARPs, Geek & Sundry gives a voice to those who dare to love the unconventional–seen during the newly minted International TableTop Day, celebrated every year on all seven continents.


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