The Geekend Review | January 19th

The Geekend Review | January 19th

The Geekend Review | taking a look back at the last week’s geek news.

Geekend Review

The Geekend Review, “the cool form of uncool before uncool became a thing”. We take a look at some of the more exciting news stories to have dropped over the last week.

The Observer provides some interesting stories this weekend. In the first article Josh Davis talks to the three British applicants to be longlisted in the process to find four people to take a one way trip to Mars as the Mars One project begins to attract wider attention from the public.

In the second story Vanessa Thorpe follows the career of Chris O’Dowd, often most recognisable for his role as Roy in The IT Crowd.

Maggie LieuWhy we want to spend the rest of our lives on Mars

Josh Davis talks to the three Brits longlisted in the process to find four people to make a one-way trip to Mars with a view to colonising the red planet.

23 year old Maggie Lieu, 20 year old Ryan Macdonald and 33 year old Alison Rigby have all made it past the first stage of the elimination process which saw a staggering 200,000 applicants cut to just over 1000. Each of the final 1058 candidates have pledged to take a one-way trip that will see them risk all to become the first colonists of Mars where they will attempt to establish a human presence on the red planet.

The Mars One project has gathered a lot more exposure recently as the prospect of the project actually coming to fruition edges closer and closer. But what motivates someone to put their life on the line, sever all ties with their loved ones on Earth and commit the rest of their lives to living an isolated life on a baron planet?

23 year old Maggie Lieu: “I just think it’s a really good opportunity to advance science. It’ll have such a big impact not just on the scientific community but also on the whole world. The last time mankind went to the moon was in 1972 and we haven’t been back since. This mission would have a similar effect on people’s imagination.” Whilst 20 year old Ryan Macdonald say: “on Mars I can accomplish more than I could on Earth. In three weeks, a single person on the surface of Mars could accomplish all of the science that all of the rovers over the past five years have already managed to achieve. If we want to ever prove definitively whether there is life on Mars, we will have to send someone there.”.  33 year old Alison Rigby has a humble outlook: “The real reason is that I want to make a difference. If I prove I can do something amazing and I’m just an ordinary person, then suddenly anyone else can too.

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For the full story check out The Observer online.

Chris O' DowdChris O’Dowd: from TV nerd to unlikely heartthrob… to Broadway leading man

Vanessa Thorpe documents the rise of Chris O’Dowd, commonly known for his role in The IT Crowd as Roy.

The IT Crowd first aired eight years ago, since then O’Dowd has become and unlikely heartthrob and will soon be appearing on Broadway in a new production of John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men.

Having landed some significant leading roles in films such as Bridesmaids along with some smaller parts in Hollywood blockbusters like Thor: The Dark World, O’Dowd’s stock has well and truly risen.

Read the full story at The Observer Online.

Lady SifMore Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D Casting News

Marvel revealed in the past week a couple of veteran actors who will be joining forthcoming projects.

First there was news that Michael Douglas would be taking the role of Hank Pym in Edgar Wright’s imagining of Ant-Man, whilst Bill Paxton will take on the role of John Garret in a multi episode arc of Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Read the story here.

The latest casting news for Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. is that Jaimie Alexander will reprise her role as Lady Sif for a guest starring appearance in the TV show. The episode will signify the second tie in with the Thor feature films.

Teen Wolf Of Wall Street?

300 Rise Of An Empire | Poster

A new poster appeared for 300 Rise Of An Empire this week. In-keeping with the feel of the film this far the poster hints that viewers should expect graphic blood and gore.

300 Rise Of An Empire

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Images

Total Film got the scoop with a bunch of new images from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 featuring Spidey, Electro and Gwen Stacey. Check out for the full set.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2


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