Gen 4 Sinnoh Region Pokémon Are Coming To Pokémon GO

Gen 4 Sinnoh Region Pokémon Are Coming To Pokémon GO

Pokémon GO makers Niantic Inc have teased fourth generation Pokémon from the Sinnoh region with new trailer release.

Get ready for fourth generation Pokémon as Niantic, creators of the hugely popular augmented reality mobile game, are getting set to bulge your Pokédex even further.

An ambiguous trailer teases the introduction of new creatures to the game. But eagle-eyed trainers have been quick to identify the new Pokémon.

A starter trio is made up of Chimchar, Turtwig and Piplup with Giratina as a legendary inclusion. From the Sinnoh region, these Pokémon made their debut in the 2006 television series ‘Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl’.

No official release date has been made public but it seems likely that the new generation of critters will be showing up in your trackers imminently. Our best guess is that Giratina will begin appearing in raid battles once the current main attraction, MewTwo, disappears on October 23rd just in time for Niantic’s Halloween event.

Apart from Pokémon appearing from the Sinnoh region Niantic say that players can expect some revisions to gameplay based on trainer feedback.

Players can expect Pokémon to appear in greater variety and at a more varied rate in general. The change may be more visible in parks and nature reserves where a higher concentration of creatures can often be found. Niantic also say that the weather feature will have less effect on the rate with which Pokémon appear.

Further refinements are being made with regards to CP and HP.

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