Gerard Butler Is Back In Action With Angel Has Fallen

Gerard Butler Is Back In Action With Angel Has Fallen

When a Secret Service agent is framed for murder, can he clear his name and find those responsible?

Secret Service agent Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) has had it pretty tough. His story began in the film Olympus Has Fallen released in 2013.

When the President’s car was returning from a fundraiser, it skidded on ice crashed into a bridge. Banning was able to save the President but unfortunately, the First Lady fell to her death.

Eighteen months later and Banning has been reassigned to the treasury but when the White House is captured by North Korean terrorists, he is called back into action and must save the President once again.

In London Has Fallen, released three years later, Banning is still serving to protect the President. When the UK Prime Minister suddenly dies, the world’s leaders head to London for the funeral. A detailed planned attack by terrorists is set into motion during the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral and an action-packed story is set into motion.

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In 2019, Banning is back in Angel Has Fallen. Whilst protecting the President (Morgan Freeman) on a quick fishing trip, Banning, the President, and his security detail come under attack from a drone strike.

When Banning awakes in the hospital, he finds himself under arrest for the attempted murder of the President. Can he prove his innocence and find those responsible?

Angel Has Fallen opens in the US and UK on August 23rd. All other territories see IMDb for details.


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