Get A Model’s Eye View Of German Mega Model Railway With Teeny Tiny Google Street View

Get A Model’s Eye View Of German Mega Model Railway With Teeny Tiny Google Street View

See the world’s largest model railway from a model’s eye view thanks to a miniature Google Street View.

As reported on TechCrunch: The Minitur Wunderland model railway situated in Hamburg, Germany is the world’s largest of its kind with around 13,000 kilometers of track, almost 1,000 trains, more than 200,000 miniature figures as well a vehicles, buildings and landscapes taking up a whopping 14,000 square foot. It’s a model fanatics Nirvana!

Presenting a wonderful set of images, Google Maps have shrunk their own photographic technology to map out the vast and varied model structures to allow for a model’s-eye, first-person view of the spectacle on offer.

Working with Unilabs Google have developed special miniature versions of their life-size Street View cameras capture the tiny land and cityscapes in all their glory. The result is a first person view of the many different attractions on display at the exhibition. Featuring traditional German and Swiss landscapes the exhibit also features a working airport, miniature Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore as well as an Austrian ski resort.

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If you can’t make it to the real thing, a virtual tour is well worth checking out – just set aside an hour or two. Click HERE to visit Minitur Wunderland on Google Street View

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