Get Around On Google Maps With A Little Help From Mario

Get Around On Google Maps With A Little Help From Mario

Every March 10th is MAR10 day and Nintendo have a few cool surprises in store for fans of their mascot, including help from Mario in Google Maps.

Nintendo and Google Maps have teamed up for a fun little easter egg when taking directions. A new update for both Android and iOS allows you to initiate ‘Mario Time’.

Mario Time - Google MapsMario Time?, Hells yes! Type in where you want to go, hit ‘Directions’ and check the bottom of the screen, you should see a familiar looking box with a question mark on it.

Tap this and you’ll be greeted with a prompt to open ‘Mario Time’. Select ‘Lets-A Go!’ and your usual, boring cursor will be replaced with Mario in his Go-Kart. Once selected, Mario will help you navigate the world like it’s one crazy-big Mario Kart track for a whole week. Legendary!

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MAR10 day takes place every year to celebrate Nintendo’s iconic mascot. Stay tuned to their social media for what else is happening.

This isn’t the first time the Google Maps team has made navigating fun.┬áMy personal previous favourite was the time I was able to turn my car into a Tie-Fighter and my home icon into a Star Destroyer to highlight the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

I think though, perhaps Mario takes the crown now. Just don’t blame me if I start throwing bananas out of my car window!

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