Ghostbuster International | Bustin’ All Over The World

Ghostbuster International | Bustin’ All Over The World

Can a big payout tempt the Ghostbusters to leave New York? The ‘Busters are about to head off on a bold new adventure.

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Ghostbuster International #1Ghostbusters International #1 finds our familiar heroes in temporary HQ as the firehouse undergoes repairs following a misunderstanding with the an extra-dimensional incursion by the god Proteus. For Drs Peter Venkman, Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore business is almost back to normal. Seems like a good time for Dr Ray Stantz to visit a psychic, perhaps something is headed their way?… but when a job pops up the session is cut short. What is the significance of that death card?

Our journey begins in familiar territory on the streets of New York, but the sudden appearance of a wealthy Scandinavian businessman looks to be about to change all of that, the Ghostbusters are about to see a lot more of the world.

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From IDW Publishing comes the latest story arc for our four Ghostbusting heroes. Writer Erik Burnham captures the tone and dry humour of the characters perfectly and sets up what looks to be a fun story arc which will take the Ghostbusters to new countries and cultures. The underlying question is, why does wealthy businessman Erland Vinter want to buy the Ghostbusters and what is his motivation for doing so? This first installment raises a lot of questions, but suggests that finding out the answers will be a lot of fun.

Artwork comes from Dan Schoening who provides imagery that places caricatures of characters we know and love into recognisable settings with interesting composition. Each frame is brought to life by the clean and clear colouring of Luis Antonio Delgado.

Not just for fans of the series, Ghostbusters International #1 is a great jumping-on point for anyone that likes a a sense of intrigue, a dry sense of humour and quality artwork. Caution: Could lead to a long-running love affair with IDW’s Ghostbusters series’.

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Ghostbusters International #1 is available in all good comic book stores now and online. Check it out at IDW Publishing. It looks like the crew are heading to Italy in the next installment. Get a peek of the cover below.

Ghostbusters International #2

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