Who You Gonna Call? | LEGO

Who You Gonna Call? | LEGO

LEGO Cuusoo system, has just unveiled the next fan made project which will be transformed into a retail boxed product later this year and the winner was, GhostBusters.

We’ve covered this system before at The Unheard Nerd with the release of the LEGO Back To The Future DeLorean [Link] and the more recentĀ Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover [Link].

The Cuusoo system allows fans to upload their creations to which the public can then tag with a vote of support. If a project receives 10,000 votes, the details are passed onto a LEGO review board. This review team will look at a selection of popular fan creations and pick one to become a real boxed product available in the stores.

The set was designed by Brent Waller and uploaded in March 2013 so you get an idea of how long the system can take. As you can see from the pictures, the set will include the ECTO-1 vehicle and a full set of four GhostBusters. My only concern now is how the final product will differ from the original fan creation. Just look at the Back To The Future DeLorean as an example.

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The set will be released later this year and we’ll have more news and picture when available.

LEGO might as well just take my money now!


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