Ghostbusters X Reebok collaboration heading to stores for Halloween

Ghostbusters X Reebok collaboration heading to stores for Halloween

Who you gonna call? Reebok will drop two Ghostbusters themed sneakers for Halloween this year. One is hot, one is not.

In June 2019 K-Swiss released Ghostbusters themed shoes. The drop was in celebration of the film’s 35th anniversary and Dan Ackroyd even appeared in the advert. Last month we reported on a collaboration with skate brand, Element. No shoes there, but plenty of apparel and skateboards.

In October 2020, with no other reason that it’s nearly Halloween, Reebok take their turn with the Ghostbusters cash-in. The company, who have recently issued a range of Wonder Woman 1984 fitness wear, will drop two new pairs of sneakers on October 31st.

Whilst opinion on these very different silhouettes is purely subjective, it is my opinion that one is very bad, and one is wearable. Let’s start with the bad.

Based on another Reebok collaboration, the Alien Stompers, the first shoes are dubbed ‘Ghost Smashers’. They are essentially the same silhouette as the Alien versions with Ghostbusters branding and all kinds of weird shit stuck to them.

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Presumably echoing elements of a proton pack, the ‘Ghost Smashers’ come with a green ‘Pump‘ branded cylinder on the heal with coloured tubes protruding. A Ghostbusters logo can be found on each tongue. Meanwhile the Reebok logo on the side is crossed over with a warning tape design.

The shoes come in an off-white/grey and red colourway with a pre-worn finish and will cost $150 (£112). They don’t appear on Reebok’s website just yet, but a sign-up page is available if you search for ‘Ghostbusters’.

A much more palatable option, for me, are Reebok’s second pair in the pack. A much less busy design is based on the ‘Classic Leather’ silhouette and contains some subtle, yet classy nods to the original Ghostbusters film.

The colourway matches the uniforms worn by Venkman, Spengler, Zeddemore and Stantz in the first film with the Reebok logo on the side paying tribute to the name badges worn by each character. Once more the Ghostbusters logo appears on the tongue of each shoe with a warning tape strip now seen on the heal of the sole.

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Ghostbusters Classic Leather shoes will cost $100 (£75).

Each pair will come in a repurposed Pump box which has been ‘vandalised‘ with Ghostbusters branding. A range of apparel will accompany the shoes and two further sneaker designs are due to be added later in the autumn.

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