It Came From The Desert | Giant Ants Get Drunk

It Came From The Desert | Giant Ants Get Drunk

The classic 80’s Cinemaware Amiga game is the inspiration for this comedy horror

Released in 1989, It Came From The Desert by Cinemaware was an action adventure game based on the 1950’s B-movie Them! in which ants are mutated into giant creatures by the atomic bomb tests in New Mexico.

I remember It Came From The Desert with fondness as I played it at a friends house multiple times, so midway through watching this second trailer for a film based on that game, my heart sank.

It Came from the Desert is admittedly a cheap production but this trailer makes the film look so bad it doesn’t even fall into the “so bad it’s good” category.

The trailer explains that the giant ants require ethanol to survive so there’s a shot of one of the giant creatures drinking from a beer keg with the traditional burping afterwards because that’s always funny to see, right?

It Came From The Desert is currently being shown around the world at various film festivals with a confirmed DVD release in Japan for January next year.


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