Goat Simulator | Actually A Real Thing

Goat Simulator | Actually A Real Thing

I can’t profess being much of a gamer. I never progressed past the X-Box, but even I’m curious about Goat Simulator.

With a release date scheduled for April 1st via Steam, Goat Simulator seemed like an amusing prank. But no! This is actually a thing and received it’s release yesterday for those who pre-ordered. The idiots behind the game are Coffee Stain Studios and it’s debatable whether they class as genius for achieving so much hype surrounding a game scratched together in a matter of weeks  (a trailer that parodies Dead Island didn’t hurt), or complete imbeciles for unleashing such idiocy upon the world.

Either way Goat Simulator is out there and ready to satisfy all those urges you never had to experience the world as a (demented*) goat. Fans of bears, fear not, a bear simulator is already in the works.

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*Judging from the gameplay trailer.


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