Good Grief! Vans Do It Again | Vans x Peanuts

Good Grief! Vans Do It Again | Vans x Peanuts

A year on from Vans’ popular team up with Nintendo the company are collaborating again. This time with Charles Schultz’s Peanuts.

Vans are on a rich streak of form with their pop culture collaborations over the last year. The company famous for their skatewear and shoes struck gold about a year ago with their Vans x Nintendo collection, tapping into the hearts of retro gamers everywhere.

Later, in October, Vans announced another team-up, this time with a cute collection of Toy Story shoes and apparel.

Their latest collaboration brings together skatewear and the lovable characters from Charles Schultz’s Peanuts. Charlie Brown, Snoopy and friends find their way onto some classic Vans footwear as well as backpacks, tees, socks, caps and more.

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Vans X Peanuts

My absolute favourites (read; “here Vans, take my money”) are these yellow and black ‘old school’ low-tops where the recognisable Vans stripe, usually found on the sides, has been replaced with the zig-zag from Charlie’s sweater. [£57]

Snoopy features heavily on numerous designs. From footwear with questionable tassels forming his kennel roof [£65], to snapbacks [£25] and shirts [£32].

Vans x Peanuts

As has become standard for these collections, there are a range of childrens designs too.

To see the whole collection and to shop Vans x Peanuts visit

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