Gotham By Gaslight. Jack The Ripper Visits Gotham

Gotham By Gaslight. Jack The Ripper Visits Gotham

Gotham By Gaslight is the latest animation from DC and Warner Bros. based on the first Elsewhere graphic novel.

Gotham By Gaslight was released as a one-shot graphic novel in 1989 and was written by Brian Augustyn with the distinctive art of Mike Mignola (creator and artist of Hellboy).

In this story of the Batman, the tale starts with Bruce Wayne in Victorian England. Jack the Ripper is currently murdering women by night and spreading terror across London.

When Bruce returns to Gotham, he finds the Ripper has also fled across the Atlantic. Inspector Gordon informs Wayne of the criminal gangs now spreading in Gotham. Wayne decides it’s time to become the Batman.

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However, the nightly sightings of this strange new Batman and the killing of young women across town by the Ripper become entwined. The police believe that when they capture the Batman, they’ll have their killer.

Gotham By Gaslight will be released in the US digitally on January 23 2018, with physical Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD on February 6, 2018.


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