Great Scott! Akedo X Zavvi launch exclusive Back to the Future footwear

Great Scott! Akedo X Zavvi launch exclusive Back to the Future footwear

UK retailer, Zavvi, once again teams up with Akedo for a world exclusive. Back to the Future high-tops will drop on March 26th.

These limited edition canvass high-tops celebrate Back to the Future as a worldwide exclusive to Zavvi. The shoes should resonate with fans of Doc Brown’s iconic time machine, in particular.

A sketch of the famous time travelling Delorean, as seen in Back to the Future Part II with ‘hover conversion kit’, can be found on the side of each shoe. Retro stripes in red, orange and yellow highlight the illustration that contrasts proudly with the black base colour. A grey Back to the Future logo can be found on the tongue with a 35th anniversary logo on the inner-side. Perhaps there’s something wrong with their flux capacitor? Back to the Future celebrated 35 years since it’s release on December 4th 2020.

Regardless, this shouldn’t deter fans of the classic 1985 film that propelled Michael J. Fox to stardom as the film’s protagonist, Marty McFly – a high school student propelled into the past when a time-travelling experiment goes wrong.

This limited run of footwear goes on worldwide sale at 6pm GMT (2pm EST) on March 26th, this Friday. To register your interest and for the only way to buy these tribute high-tops, go to

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