Greetings Programs! Tron run/r now computes

Greetings Programs! Tron run/r now computes

How long can you last on the Grid? Download Tron RUN/r and see if you have what it takes, User!

Tron is regarded as a cult classic sci-fi film of the eighties remembered for its groundbreaking use of computer animation. A sequel, Tron: Legacy,  arrived to a lukewarm reception and recently Disney put plans for a third film on permanent hold.

However, you can’t keep a good program down and Tron can exist in other mediums. Presenting Tron RUN/r for PC on Steam, Sony Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

This latest download only game is one of survival, there is no narrative story to follow. It could best be described as a game like Temple Run or Rez. The aim is simply to achieve the highest score by surviving the longest.

Tron RUN/r contains three kinds of levels. ‘DISC Mode’ has you running on foot, using your identity disc to destroy the enemies. ‘CYCLE Mode’ has you trying to finish a course on the infamous lightcycle. Finally ‘Stream mode’ creates an endless randomly generated level.

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What I really love about this game though is that thanks to today’s computing power, it really does look like you’re inside the world of the Tron. The graphics look sumptuous and there’s a healthy selection of techno tunes to accompany your challenges in the game.

TRON RUN/r is available to download now on Steam and PlayStation 4 with Xbox One at a later date.



You can’t hide . . . but you can RUN. Return to the world of TRON with TRON RUN/r, a new lightning fast, action-adventure runner with a twist! Hone your DISC and CYCLE skills, then challenge the grueling STREAM program that throws endless combinations of modes and levels at you until you crash – how long can you survive?

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