Grimm Fairy Tale Gets Modern Horror Makeover In Gretel & Hansel

Grimm Fairy Tale Gets Modern Horror Makeover In Gretel & Hansel

The classic German Folklore tale, Hansel & Gretel, receives a modern horror makeover.

I’m sure most of you are aware of the famous set of fairy tales as recorded by the Brothers Grimm in the early 1800s. They published a volume of folk tales that included classics such as Cinderella, Snow White and The Frog Prince.

One of the tales was of Hansel and Gretel, a brother and sister who are abandoned in the dark woods as their small family is so poor, they cannot afford to feed them. I should add, this was the idea of their wicked step-mother. They’re father, a woodcutter, was begrudgingly going along with the plan.

Once in the woods, the children discover a house constructed of al kinds of candy and gingerbread. They immediately start to have their fill but the owner of the house, an evil witch, captures the children and locks them away. She intends to fatten the children and eat them!

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There have been many adaptations of this classic story over the years including 2013’s Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, in which Gemma Arterton and Jeremy Renner star as the titular children who have grown up and now travel the land hunting witches.

This modern retelling of the tale looks to turn the horror levels up a few notches. I’m not usually a horror guy but this tease has me intrigued.

Gretel and Hansel stars Sophia Lillis, recently seen in the Stephen King horror IT and Alice Krige as the evil witch. Krige is probably most famous for her role as the Borg Queen from Star Trek: First Contact.

Gretel and Hansel opens in the US on the 31st of January, other territories, keep an eye on IMDb.

Gretel & Hansel

About Gretel and Hansel | A long time ago in a distant fairytale countryside, a young girl (Sophia Lillis, It) leads her little brother (Sammy Leakey) into a dark wood in desperate search of food and work, only to stumble upon a nexus of terrifying evil.
From Osgood Perkins, the director of The Blackcoat’s Daughter and I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House, the film also stars Alice Krige (“The OA,” Star Trek: First Contact), Jessica De Gouw (“Underground,” “Arrow”) and Charles Babalola (“Black Mirror,” The Legend of Tarzan).
Gretel & Hansel is written by Rob Hayes (“Chewing Gum”), produced by Brian Kavanaugh-Jones (Sinister, Upgrade) and Fred Berger (La La Land, Destroyer) on behalf of Automatik and executive produced by Sandra Yee Ling and Macdara Kelleher.


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