Guillotine Crowns – God Save Us From The Devil [Video]

Guillotine Crowns – God Save Us From The Devil [Video]

New from Guillotine Crowns aka Short Fuze and Uncommon Nasa, comes the duo’s first official single, ‘God Save Us From The Devil’.

Short Fuze and Uncommon Nasa are no strangers. The pair have collaborated previously but now team up as Guillotine Crowns. The project also spawned an album from which ‘God Save Us From The Devil’ is the first official release.

The track is produced by Uncommon Nasa and comes accompanied by a video which has been animated and directed by Juan “Big Herc” Hernandez.

Guillotine Crown’s eleven track album ‘The First Stand’ was released in July 2020 via Uncommon Records. The album is available to stream and download as a ‘name your price‘ release via bandcamp where merch bundles can also be purchased.

About Guillotine Crowns | Short Fuze & Uncommon Nasa now officially form as Guillotine Crowns, where they both share the mic equally as a professional duo. But their long history of works is long documented, now entering it’s 10th year of partnership. Uncommon Nasa has been producing tracks for Short Fuze for a decade and they’ve crossed paths many times. Therefor we decided to release this collection of some of their highlights together on mics as The First Stand. It’s an introduction to their sound for those that may not be prepared for their upcoming debut album of original material Hills to Die On. Guillotine Crowns is heavy, passionate, aggressive and out for truth and justice. They will leave no stone un-turned.

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